20 Group


This is where we set up our own 20 Group and share ideas and business strategy that will make us more profitable.

Our dealer principals go off to some resort and come back with some good ideas but more often they have half of the story but stay fired up for several days. I want to get us together on line and share some of the same ideas and allow all to join.

I know that we are all successful and run a good department but who can we talk to that is doing the same job and really understands the questions.

I took a medium size Toyota dealer and increased the department profit by 40% in 20 months. This is not done with magic accounting but with some serious management, mostly hands on, and a change of attitude that each customer is not a "meal ticket" for the ASM and tech. I forecast each month which tells me what is going to happen. I know when we will be slow and busy that way I plan my advertising and even tech schooling so that I maximize the month. We all have PC's at work or at home and by entering some info into a spread sheet it tells us what to expect.

I want to get some of you talking through this medium so we can all learn more.

If you want information or want to join contact me at 20group@yotarepair.com.