Brain teaser




Vehicle: 97 Camry, 4 Cylinder, Auto Trans., 18,000 miles.

Condition.: Vehicle towed in as a no start after a very serious rain storm. The engine turns over and almost starts, battery is weak from the customer trying.

Spark plugs are gas fouled and air filter is clean and dry. Installed new plugs and vehicle almost starts. Removed plugs and found #1 and #4 had gas on them and all the new plugs have turned black. Inspected gas tank for water and it seems fine. Ignition spark is weak but there is some. Engine wants to start and almost does start if part throttle is used.

The cause was finally found. If you want the cause let me know.


Here's another.

96 Avalon (could be any model really).

Customer says that the a/c cools fine for a while, maybe 2 hours on a trip then the cooling goes away and it gets warm. As usual we are unable to duplicate condition but feel that the a/c amplifier is the cause and replace it. The customer comes back about a week after with the same condition. This time we do something different and find the real cause. What do you think it was.