Their newest Myth regarding the Toyota Engines.

Jiffy Lube franchises are telling the Toyota customer who wanders into their business that you must use Synthetic Engine Oil.

They don't show any Toyota documentation that supports this statement, only that they got this information from a web site.

The reason for them saying this rests with the engine sludge problem from customers who have used Jiffy Lube and other quick lube places for oil changes. They use such low quality products that they are actually creating the condition. They feel that if they make you pay an extra $35.00 for the synthetic oil the problem will go away.

The Truth

Toyota Motor Company does not recommend that you use Syntactic Motor Oil for your normal servicing. They state that it can be used but the same oil change requirements remain in effect (5000 miles or 7500 miles between oil changes) depending on your usage.

Jiffy Lube and the other quick lube places can't make a profit if you change the oil at the manufactures recommendation so they are the ones who went national with the 3000-3500 mile oil changes. It is not needed unless you own a Taxi Cab or idle for 12 hours or more daily.

Don't be fooled by their claims, remember (if you can) when you only paid $24,95 for an oil change from Jiffy Lube, they average over $70.00 per visit. The Toyota dealer is still the best place and you will insure that you are getting quality products for a set price with no upsells.