Computer Systems


  • I use the Reynolds and Reynolds system which several franchises. I by chance have not had the chance to use many of the others. What I would like to see is a coordinated effort by us to get the changes made to make or life easier. We know that sales and the office managers buy the systems we use and all the functions are geared in that area. If you are using R&R new release and try to close an RO you must really enjoy the extra steps they tossed in to help the office. We need to act as one to approach each of the Computer vendors and get the changes we need.
  • I'll start here. In R&R system when you want to discount a repair or part on a repair order you go to Miscellaneous codes and choose one. This sounds easy but normally one department or the other had greater share in profit for that repair yet the "fixed amount is applied per department". I propose that the computer decide the discount each department is charged based on the proportional amounts of the repair. Example:
  • 	Muffler Repair:           Labor =  40.00
    						 Parts = 128.00
    						 Total = 168.00
                                Discount =  28.05
    						 Sale  = 139.95

    Normally the discount could be 70% Service and 30% parts. We know that the gross is 51.20 for parts and labor gross is 24.00 yet under the current system with a discount of 28.05 service gives up 19.64 and parts 8.41, not really fair in this case. I know that it is possible to distribute the amount fairly based upon the amount of discount/gross but each Computer vendor will only act if enough of us ask, especially at the same time.

    Contact me at and we start making improvements.