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There is a way out for those of you who still have their first dollar bill. Go to All and you will find me in the auto section, then under Toyota Repair, my name is Jack. I only answer 4 questions a day (when I'm not on "vacation") so you can take your chances on getting your question entered, but the site is free. It's sort of my giving back for the knowledge I have.

The $10.00 or $5.00 is a small amount to offer but you will surely save much more than that on unneeded repairs or something you may want to do yourself.

If you want information directly from Toyota you can go to: They will let you see the technical information we in the dealership see (I have to guess, since I have not paid the $10.00 per day fee). You may find all you want to know and you can skip the personal touch that I offer.

Why should I have to pay for an answer?

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