Sad Shaft Repair


For years the biggest disappointment for Previa owners was the Auxiliary Accessory Drive shaft (SAD shaft). They can and did fail at higher mileages. Since they failed above the warranty period no financial assistance was offered by Toyota Motor Company for the $1200.00 repair.

This as it turns out will only work on the 94-97 Previa. I tried it on the earlier models but it will not work. Toyota does not offer any kit for the earlier models.

If you want to get a kit that fits earlier models you can go to They are an indendent source of Previa parts.

A little known kit has been available for sometime and thanks to a contributor to this site I want to make this information known, in a hope that it will help others. I firmly think that Toyota reads my site and based on some changes, like the service bulletin offered (DL001-00) the availability of the kit is more known.

The kit has a part number or 04374-28010 and costs about $210.00. The labor is about 4 hours to install for a savings of about $800.00.