I'm not sure how this page is going to evolve. I know that we need to know whats happening in the shop and how to accurately diagnosis and repair the new problems. For now this will be open to new and existing solutions and "tech line" stuff for the real world.

P0420 Code Coming back after the repair.

P0300 Random Engine Misfire

01 Solara with a check engine light and performance problems.

00 Sienna check engine light coming on and going off

00 Avalon wind noise

2.7 Engine whine

Sienna transmission

Check engine code P0441

Check engine code P0440

Camry brake noise

Convertor failure

IAC valve

TPS for Tacoma

Cam belt tensioner 1MZ-FE

TRAC light

IAC cleaning is possible

T-100 clutch pedal bracket

99 RAV no start or delayed start

97-98 Camry parking lights staying on

Cruise not upshifting into OD

96-97 Avalon code P0770

95 4Runner V6 with electrical problem

96 Tacoma 4 cyl w/auto trans low idle

SAD Shaft Repair Kit

Tacoma drive shaft noise

98-99 Camry front window coming out of track

99 Corolla/Camry/Solara fuel injector problem

Avalon a/c fan inoperative

97-99 Camry/Solara rear wheel bearings

Sienna rear washer drip

RAV4 and the X05 hints

98 Corolla right front squeak

Air Flow Sensor removal

Sienna head gasket

00 Celica Standard Trans

Brake Clicking when changing direction