Welcome Toyota Vehicle Owners

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Congratulations on already owning or thinking of becoming a Toyota owner. In my 29 years with different types of automobiles this is the finest to own or service.

I'm a Toyota service manager and through the years I've been asked many questions on operation of the product, maintenance questions, whats new and warranty/policy interpretation.

Those of you that have visited me before know that I employ mechanical knowledge combined with practical remedies to the various problems that are presented. I try to answer all your questions the same or next day. The volume of questions have increased over the years, so I may be fairly direct in my answers. My only goal is for to you enjoy your Toyota for as long as you want to.

If you have a question go back to the home page and click on your model for the items that pertain to that vehicle. I've tried to arrange these FAQ's in various categories. Once you are into your model section select a subject and a list of topics will appear.

As a way of warning you I really like to get donations for the questions you ask. It helps pay for the cost of posting the site and something for my time and help.

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